Effective July 13, 2021, the Ontario government has made changes to the Second Career program to better help laid-off workers pay for tuition and living expenses. If you were laid off in one of the sectors most impacted by COVID-19 since March 1, 2020, you may benefit from these changes. To learn more about Second Career, contact your preferred college today!

The Second Career strategy launched by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities pays for the training or education that Ontarians require to get a better job. It provides financial help up to $28,000, or more in some cases, to pay for:

  • » Tuition
  • » Living Expenses
  • » Help caring for dependents
  • » Travel
  • » Transportation
  • » Disability supports
  • » Other living and training costs
  • » Books

Those who qualify may have some or all of these costs covered within the Second Career Strategy. In order to find out if you qualify for Second Career or any other government funding, all candidates must visit a Employment Ontario assessment centre for an assessment interview.


Things are looking up!

Open yourself up to new opportunities by getting trained for a new career! Check out all the ways in which Second Career can make your future something to smile about:

  1. Funding for You: The Ontario Government set out to help people recently laid off by directing millions of dollars toward getting Ontarians retrained and back to work.
  2. New Directions: Discover hundreds of potential careers that your background and skills fit perfectly. Second Career gives you a second chance!
  3. New skills: Going back to college or university is empowering. Learn the tools of a new trade that can be applied to a thriving career in today’s workforce.
  4. Career Guidance: Both public and private institutions offer excellent training for careers but how will you know what job is right for you? Browse our listings then visit a Second Career assessment center to figure out what job is right for you.
  5. A Fresh Start: It’s not uncommon to switch careers nowadays. It gives us a chance to learn something new, try out a different field and stay excited about our work!
  6. Support: Second Career is not a loan. It’s money that the Ontario government is giving away to people who have been negatively impacted by the economy. It’s there for you so take advantage!

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* Second Career is only available to those who qualify. Ask the school which Employment Ontario assessment centre is nearest for your full evaluation of this opportunity.