Bachelor of Arts - History

Tyndale's Bachelor of Arts in History helps you understand the present, and look to the future by studying the past. In our program, you will learn to engage history by thinking and working like a historian.
Holistic Western History
Our program surveys the history of Western Civilization from its beginnings in Sumer in 5300 BC. Your studies will be focused on European, British history and North American history as you learn from courses like: The World of the Early Christians, The Crusades, The United States and the Middle East since 1945, and History of the First World War. This gives you the opportunity to either focus on a single era of Western Civilization or take a broad look at its entirety.
Become a Historian
Our faculty will teach you how to become a historian in your own right. You will learn the methods of studying history so that you will understand how to make connections between the events that make up the course of Western Civilization.
Furthermore, our faculty will engage you at a personal level as you learn about the events, people, and nations of our shared heritage. You will learn to think critically and communicate your own thoughts and opinions effectively. You will be equipped with the skills to succeed in several diverse fields of work after your time at Tyndale.

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