Bachelor of Religious Education - General Ministries - Degree Completion Program

The Degree Completion Program (DCP) is a non-traditional program specifically designed for adults who want to complete a Bachelor of Religious Education (BRE) degree but who are unable to attend traditional semester education programs.
The DCP allows you to complete a BRE degree with a focus in General Ministries. The DCP is designed to serve adults interested in studying the Bible, doctrine, and ministry with the intent of becoming more effective Christians in ministry and in the workplace.
Full-time undergraduate education is made possible for adults because of its unique design. After the student transfers 30-42 credit hours into the program, there are 16 courses offered in a modular format over a 24-month period. Each course consists of one four-hour evening class per week for 5 weeks supplemented by 14-18 hours of guided independent study per week. This format gives essentially the same time involvement as a traditional schedule.
The program’s goal is to integrate Christian faith, learning, and living in a meaningful and practical way. In the DCP you will complete a Directed Research Project comprised of academic instruction and individual advising by a qualified professional. You can choose from one of the following areas of interest: Educational Ministries, Intercultural Studies, Pastoral Studies or Youth Ministry.

Business / Marketing / Admin.Design / Animation / InteractiveEducation / TeachingEducatorHealth Care / Nursing / DentalLanguage SchoolsLanguagesReligious StudiesReligious Studies / TheologySciences / Environmental ScienceSciences / Mathematics

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