Success in the competitive field of science today demands a solid knowledge foundation, strong critical thinking skills and a standard of academic excellence that puts you above the crowd. Tyndale’s biology program will give you the head start you need towards a career in Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, or Teaching. At Tyndale University, our small class sizes and easy access to experts in the field will enable you to reach your academic goals and compete effectively in these areas.
Unlike larger institutions – which simply do not have the capacity to devote personalized time for each student – Tyndale’s teaching faculty are able to fully invest in students and help them towards achieving academic success and career dreams. The same material as other Canadian universities’ science programs is covered, and students have the opportunity to examine a wide range of topics such as molecular and cell biology, human biology, genetics, chemistry, ecology, and environmental science. Each of these courses comes with the added benefits of insights provided by knowledgeable and experienced professors and hands-on learning about the world of science.
After completing the course offerings, students can apply directly to professional programs such as medicine and dentistry or continue their studies at our partner institution, Nipissing University. Students have also successfully applied and transferred credits to the University of Toronto, York University, and Ryerson University towards their Bachelor of Science degree.

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